After moving into a new space, KTO needed something to welcome visitors and designate the space as their own. This sign was printed on vinyl and mounted on to aluminum. The 20x24" sign was then mounted to the door to the space, now known as Unit93. The logo could not be changed on any way, but did need to be converted into a new format for the design process. 
The group needed a leave-behind that would quickly convey the kind of activities that go on at the body. The non-for-profit had a constrained budget for promotionals. A majority of the members placed the use of books as a primary source for being introduced to the principles of the organization, so I bookmark was selected as the format. The bookmarks are 2x6", printed on 16pt, UV coated paper.
This card was designed to promote the central public religious ceremony of the organization. It was printed on a rough, heavy weight paper. The card is 4x6".
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