In this episode I visit Lesley University to attend the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE). Hear about the work of a wide variety of artists and writers who are publishing their our work, telling stories that are both fictional and non-fictional. 
All the Artist segments: 
(2:54) Mark Reusch: 
(5:26) Deanna Echanique: 
(5:26) Celine Loup: 
(8:20) Eric Davies: 
(10:15) Michelle Abreu: 
(14:33) James Mobius: 
(17:22) Magda Boreysza: 
(23:22) Marguerite Dabaie: 
(24:42) Benjamin Korsh: 
(27:52) Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos: 
(32:18) Richie Pope: 
(36:30) Holly Foltz: 
(38:27) Bitmap Prager: 
(40:43) Marika McCoola: 
(45:52) Hal Gaucher: 
(50:38) Curtis Parvin & Drew Kelly: 
(55:00) Rachel Lindsay: 
(57:14) Closing with Zach Clemente 
Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo:
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